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Blaster Media

Creating compelling entertainment,   one bit at a time.

We want to tell stories,
and engage viewers

Telling any story well is a challenge no matter what the medium or budget level. We believe the best way to do this is to create an interesting universe, fill it with compelling characters, and follow them as they strive to accomplish their goals. Sometimes these goals may be to simply survive, perform an other-worldly mission, or save other character from an unimaginable fate. We want to take you on these journeys with us.


This is the idea machine. The time to collaborate and write screenplays, develop stories, and craft environments. The time to pull together resources and draft linear and non-linear storytelling. It's the time to prepare for what is coming, when the rallying of troops must commence. It's the first step of the creative process.


Once all our ducks are in a row, the story begins to take shape. This may involve rolling camera, directing talent, or capturing necessary elements on a computer screen. It's when things coalesce from thoughts to reality. Tangible elements form and are manipulated. It's the time to solve the ultimate problem of turning the written word into something we can see.


It's time to link the pieces together, to combine picture and sound into a recognizable entity. It's the time to alter color, and mix audio. Much refining takes place in this phase, a process that will continue, over and over, until complete. It's is often said that a project is never finished, it only escapes. If it escapes too soon, we will capture and bring it back until it is truly ready for release.

Building Better Worlds

Scott Eggleston
Dimension of Sight
Film production

Meet the Team

Enoch Paragulla
Creative Director
Nick Soper
Aggressive Dachsund
Game Development
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